Local Chat Lines

There are so many local chat lines out there that claim to be “local”.  The even go so far as to give you a number in your area code,  then they simply route your call into the same chat room as all of the other callers.  That really doesn’t do you any good.

Well, here at FreeChatLine.com there is only one local chat line phone number to remember, 714-516-8080 (Anaheim, CA).  Why only one local chat line number you ask, well that’s simple, most people have free or unlimited long distance on the cell or home phone already (check with your carrier), and it is easier to remember one number no matter where you travel to.    How do you provide local chat lines?  That’s easy, we use the local phone number you are calling from to determine the area you are currently located in.  Using that information, we can play introductions from other members are are currently located closest to you no matter where you are.  It doesn’t get easier than that!

You have nothing to lose, simply call our local chat lines now at 714-516-8080 (Anaheim, CA).  Call now, one phone call could change your life.  Don’t wait, find a date!